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Terry Nova / Terry's Tit Show

Featuring: Terry Nova
Date: 03/01/2017
Duration: 65 min.
Even though Terry has become better known as a hardcore porn star than a big-bust model in the years since her discovery, she still has the magic to thrill just by playing with her huge, naked tits. When it's hot, she likes to walk around in a tight top and booty shorts. That must get the local citizenry perked up. One of those super-quiet girls who seems to know everything, Terry is nice to everyone. We've never heard her say a harsh word about anything. And even if she did, we wouldn't know it since we don't understand Czech. She could be calling us filthy names in Czech to our faces and we'd never know. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty exciting. And even though Terry does some mighty lusty sexin' on camera, if she hadn't, we'd still want to check out her tits and ass as much as possible.

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